Josh Kalis und Adidas

Wir lesen uns gerade gemütlich durch das Internet und sind auf folgende kleine Geschichte gestoßen. Es geht um diese Adidas-Werbung von Kalis:

Wie ihr sehen könnt, ist dieser “Noseslide” nicht grade das Gelbe vom Ei. Warum erzählt Kalis im Slap-Forum höchstpersönlich:

Than when i went to shoot the ad… the photographer was shooting me trying to warm up doing the noseslide. He was shooting it all at the wrong times…. and i remember asking him…“what are you doing?” He said don’t worry about it.. he had never shot skateboarding before and was practicing while i was warming up.

Anyway… i ended up shooting some stuff in S.D…. only to find out at the trade show they had the ad pictured above as a huge poster…. all my dudes were clowning me.. even Ken Block. FYI that sequence is a bunch of separate stills thrown together. Its not even a real sequence. Each frame was from a different try. Haha.

So i couldn’t get the shells anymore, and they were pushing me to wear a different shoe, and they played me (embarrassed me) by running that ad… i instantly quit and got shoes from Block. And that was that. Best decision i could have ever made!!! lol.

Ist schon eine Weile her, zeigt aber wirklich sehr gut, warum Adidas und Konsorten es anfangs so schwer hatten ins Skateboard-Business zu kommen. So geht’s halt einfach nicht …

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