Die Definition von “sk8”

Laut Urban Dictionary sollten wir es lieber bleiben lassen:

The definition for this word is in fact, very simple. R-E-T-A-R-D-E-D. It is used by posers worldwide, people who worship Bam and are pushed to make an ollie on grass. I believe Avril Lavinge started this stereotype, and also the belief that she was “skater” music. Skater music is as varied as anything, and there is no real “skate music”. If there was, skaters would all listen to a few bands, but that is not so. However, there are upcomings to the word “sk8”. When someone uses it, unless you have seen them skate, you can almost immediatly distinguish that they suck cock at skateboarding.

mat: Hey, lets go sk8!
Chris: And afterwards, I’ll stick my dick in your eye, poser fag!

Herzlichen Dank, Avril Lavigne. Du bist schuld!


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